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Tired of wasting money on endless bags of tees? Tired of losing your favorite tee while at the driving range? A better solution is here! With the Ace Tee-Saver you can extend the use of your tees beyond anything you've been able to do before! Remove the risk of accident when retrieving your tee at the driving range.  Cut down on waste, save time, and save money with the Ace Tee-Saver.

the Ace Tee-Saver

SKU: 001
  • There are never any shipping charges when buying from Ace Tee-Saver.  Shipping is always free!

  • Looking to get Tee-Savers for an organization or as a give-away for an upcoming golf outing? Be sure to check out our bulk purchase options.  

    Additional quantity discounts with purchases of 11, 25, 50, 100 and 200 units is available. Dealer inquires invited. Distributorships, event favors, bulk packs, display units are available. Please email us at for more information.

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