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Reach out to us with questions about the Ace Tee-Saver at

  • How do I stop losing golf tees?
    Tired over losing golf tees? There is a simple solution, use the Ace Tee-Saver! Save your tee for another day using the Ace Tee-Saver.
  • Where do you use the Ace Tee-Saver?
    The tee saver was designed primarily for use on the driving range; however, many golfers also use it during course play as well. In either case the tee saver eliminates the need for golf tee retrieval. Your favorite tee will always be within short reach of the anchor tee.
  • How do I use the Ace Tee-Saver?
    Simple! Insert a tee the hole on each end of the tee saver. Press one tee into the turf as the anchor and tee your ball up on the other. The ball should be between you and the anchor tee.
  • Are there any safety features with the Ace Tee-Saver?
    Yes! On the driving range, you may be tempted to retrieve a flown tee and endanger yourself by walking in front of others. The Ace Tee-Saver eliminates that risk and keeps your favorite tee close at hand.
  • Can I use the tee saver with my irons?
    The tee saver is not recommended for use with irons, as they may cause damage to the tee saver.
  • What does shipping cost?
    Nothing! Shipping is always free on
  • I love my Ace Tee-Saver. How do I learn about new products from Select Innovations?
    If you want to get the latest from Select Innovations LLC and hear about new products as they come out, be sure to enter your email address at the bottom of the page and subscribe to our mailing list.
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